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Embrace the Energy !! ;) 

Usui Reiki Master, Womb Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Reiki, Crystal Grids, Essential Oils, Law of Attraction

Reiki, which means "Universal Life Force Energy", is that potential within us that underlines all healing actions in the body.
We all have the inherent ability to create and control the flow of energy. In the Mid 1800's, Dr. Mikao Usui spent many years in research and in meditation, before he discovered the keys to activating the Reiki energy.
Reiki is an extremely beneficial natural healing alternative, and it can be used on self, and on others, to speed up recovery times for injuries, as well as existing disorders.
The energy is channeled through the hands, and it activates, directs, and applies the principle of Universal Life Force energy, thus leading to healing of the individual on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Nichole offers personalized integrative energy therapies, encompassing Reiki, crystal therapy, and essential oils ! :)

Nichole is excited to expand her scope of services to include Womb Reiki !  An energy work therapy designed to harmonize and clear womb trauma, elevate the vibration of the womb, balance the female reproductive organs, enhance creative energy, awaken sensual nature