Nichole's interst in energy work began in 2010, after learning about and implementing the use of essential oils, crystals, and the Law of Attraction.

She is a Baltimore native, and has been known for her loving spirit, and compassion for others.

At every chance, she could be found at Health fairs, attending seminars, collecting crystals, and traveling the Northeast corridor for various holistic events, as well as cultivating new friendships and business relationships.

But her fascinations did not end there . . . she began to do her research on these subjects, and all things Metaphysical.

Often told she has a nice and inviting energy, Nichole was encouraged to learn the art of Reiki. At the beginning of 2011, she began her studies and attunements in the Usui System of Reiki Therapy. In February 2017, she obtained certification as a Womb Reiki Practitioner.

After years of countless visits, she is now proud to call Philadelphia her home, where she continues to practice and study her craft.

Her work is mobile, she travels often to New York City, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Her Lineage

Nichole received her Reiki attunements and training by Virginia Abel, RMT, of Lightstream Therapies, whose 30 plus years experience as a Reiki Master, includes trainings that were passed down from Dr. Viola Ebert, and Virginia Samdahl, one of the first twelve original Reiki Masters to be attuned and trained by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki from Japan to the West in 1937.

Hawayo was a chosen Master by Dr. Chugiro Hyashi, who was an original disciple of Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei), founder of the Reiki System of Healing. Within the 7 level system tradition, Takata is known as, Reiki Grand Master Teacher.

Based on this history, Nichole's energy can be experienced in pure and authentic form. Her lineage can be traced close in line  to the Reiki Grand Masters, and the original founder.

Her love of channeling Reiki energy helps fuel her desire to provide care for others, and serve the community.

She has developed personalized integrative energy therapies, encompassing Reiki, crystal therapy, and essential oils.

She has helped others reach personal goals through her work, combining crystal grids, energy work, and Law of Attraction. This all-inclusive approach harnesses the power and potential of the etheric realms, and the ever abundant Universe !

Her Love